Learning List – Week Ending – 5/21/2017

This is my weekly learning list. Life is a never ending journey of educating yourself and learning something new each day. Trying to share some of the articles, podcasts, books, videos, or training that I am doing each week.

  • Democratizing Data at AirBnB – Thought this was an interesting article about the internal data portal tool that they built at AirBnB. This has a lot of great features and it will be interesting to see if they open source this tool. A lot of the features of their platform are things that we are looking to build at Pluralsight in our Data Platform so it gave me a lot to think about. https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/democratizing-data-at-airbnb-852d76c51770
  • My Journey as a Technical Program Manager at LinkedIn – I don’t sit in this role at Pluralsight, but I trying to push some attributes of product management on our data engineering team so I am always interested to read articles on this. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-journey-technical-program-manager-linkedin-prapti-sen
  •  What makes a great Product Manager – There are a few things that I really liked about this blog post on Medium. First, I love that he really describes them as “Product People” and that these people can be anyone in an organization, not just someone in a Product Role. He also describes that almost all product people are not going to have all of these traits and will be stronger in some than others. For me personally, #13 and #14 really hit home for me as two traits that I think I am strong in. https://medium.com/@ripsher/what-makes-a-great-product-manager-3c1d03b90356
  • Intelligence Squared – I blogged about this in my “What I am listening to” blog, but wanted to highlight again as I listened to a couple episodes recently and really enjoy how it makes me think about differently about really important topics. It challenges me to listen to arguments from other sides of an argument and also think about my own beleifs and why I hold them. This is a super intelligent postcast and I really enjoy listening to them.

Carpe Diem and Learn Something New Today!

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