Silicon Valley Code Camp – 2019

One of the California conferences I always enjoy attending and presenting at is the Silicon Valley Code Camp (Web | Twitter). Peter Kellner (Twitter) and his team always do a bang up job with the event. It is a great location and there is a great variety of talks to attend and learn from. It is obviously a heavy developer focused conference which is always good for me to keep up with.

I gave a session titled: “Add some Spark to your ETL Pipeline”. It is a introductory talk on Spark using the Databricks platform in Azure. I go into the basics of what Spark is, what Databricks is, and then we go through some basic demos on Spark, Delta and Streaming. It was a really interactive session and there were lots of questions which is always good, although it made it challenging to get all the content in.

I was definitely challenged for time and tried to put too much content in the the session. I think the next time I will leave out the Delta content and focus more on the streaming aspect of Spark.

I posted all my material in my Github repo for presentations. (Link)

If you work for a company in Silicon Valley and you have space for 800+ developers they are looking for a new location to host the event next year (Check it out if you can help them or point them in the right direction)


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